Large Animals

Hauraki Vets has a team of five veterinarians and one vet tech on the road to provide our farm animal and equine services. Look out for the green utes around the district.

Please check out our range of services:

Sick Animals

Calvings, down cows, scouring calves etc, we have the skills and medicines to deal with whatever you have for us

After Hours

A 24 hour reliable service for emergencies, just ring our normal number

Leptospirosis Vaccination

Certified to meet your OSH obligations

Ultrasound Pregnancy Testing

Backpack and Conventional scanners available, platforms provided

Calf Disbudding

We use sedation and local anaesthetic for a smooth pain free process

BVD Vaccination & Control

Good advice on how to eradicate BVD from your herd

Mastitis Control & Milk Hygiene

Grade busting, Milking Machine Checks, Inhibitory substances grades investigations.

Trace Mineral Testing

Blood testing or liver biopsies. We have a full range of minerals treatments.


A fast and efficient way to find and treat your dirty cows.

Parasite advice

We have a full range of drenches available best suited to your requirements.

Equine services

Ashley O’Driscoll is available for advice, wound care, emergencies and vaccinations.

Lifestyle Block Owners

We can provide all of your farm animal requirements including drenches and vaccinations.